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Kelley Insurance & Financial Privacy Policy

Kelley Insurance & Financial takes your privacy seriously. Although we are not an entity regulated by Privacy laws, we realize the sensitivity of the personal information we handle while working with our clients. Therefore please be assured that your personal information is handled with the utmost security and confidentiality. There is no personal or business information posted for any of our clients in this web site with public access. You will be prompted to login to a secure environment in order to gain access to specific information.

The information collected in our quote request forms is encrypted with the highest security. We ask for the information on our quote forms so that we may provide you with the service, or rate quote request you desire. We do not share, exchange, sell or otherwise market any of the private information you share with us. All paperwork containing sensitive and/or private information is destroyed with industrial shredders on the premises.

General summaries of site traffic can be monitored, however this is simply general information about visits to the site and does not include any detailed information regarding the visitor. Kelley Insurance & Financial does not implement tracking ‘Cookies’ on your computer. Cookies are used for authentication purposes only in order to provide you greater security.

Privacy Policy


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