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Life Insurance

Life Insurance is a multi-tool for every stage of life

Life Insurance and Estate Planning go hand and hand, which is a major focus for Kelley Insurance & Financial. There are many reasons to have personal life insurance coverage. The most basic personal needs for life insurance are mortgage and debt cancellation, children’s education, income replacement, family maintenance, and support. However, there are many other needs for life insurance such as Estate Planning, Wealth Transfer strategies, Charitable Giving, etc. There can also be special needs to provide for, such as having a handicapped child or other relative. Whatever the need is ‘Life Insurance’ is like no other financial instrument.

Tax-Free financial protection for your family

There is no other financial arrangement available where you can create wealth that you otherwise have not had time to accumulate. After acceptance by the company and the payment of the first premium, the people depending on you have the security in place you would want them to have should you no longer be there for them. Life insurance proceeds are also generally received income tax-free by the beneficiary. In addition, proceeds that can be paid directly to your beneficiary at death are generally free from Probate, which saves your family time, hassle, and expense. But maybe even more importantly, when life insurance proceeds are paid directly to a stated beneficiary OUTSIDE of the Probate Estate, proceeds are generally NOT subject to creditors, as other assets that are in the Probate Estate. This GUARANTEES your beneficiary(s) will have the proceeds you intended them to have.

How Much life insurance do you need?

Visit our needs calculator to determine the appropriate amount of life insurance for you and your family. Then contact us to request a quote for this valuable coverage from the industry’s most competitive and respected Life insurance carriers.

We are here to help.  Give us a call.

Kelley Insurance & Financial is your premier source for all your life insurance needs. We have many years of experience as independent brokers working for our clients, not insurance companies. We have relationships with over 50 of the most competitive life insurance carriers in the industry, to be certain you get the best deal possible on your insurance. We also specialize in Impaired Risk underwriting. We realize not everyone is a Preferred Risk and we will take the time to shop your avocation or health impairment, which our ‘dot com’ competitors will never do! Call our office today for a quote to protect your family.



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