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Health & Dental Insurance Plan Information

In order that you may have as much flexibility as possible, WW+E offers all Platinum Metal Level health plans available on DC Health Link to it’s Partner’s, Attorney’s, staff and eligible dependents. It is very important to select a plan that will work best for you and your family based on the Providers and Provider Network you need access to. There are HMO, POS, PPO, etc. health plans available to select from. Some health plans are regionally based for the ‘DC Metro area’ and other plans offer ‘Nationwide Coverage’. This will be indicated for each plan when you view your options on DC Health Link.

Please be sure to review the Provider Directory links on the left toolbar to confirm your Provider accepts the plan before enrolling, it is also advisable to call your Providers business office and confirm the online information is still accurate. Provider Directory links are also provided on DC Health Link when you view your options.

Pricing & Cost Sharing

The firm has selected a ‘Referenced Plan’ on DC Health Link which offers ‘Nationwide’ coverage and this plan is the cost basis of the firm’s contribution to you and your dependents coverage. Therefore if you select the Referenced Plan ‐ cost sharing will be paid at 80% by WW+E (except for Equity Partner’s). However if you select a plan that costs more than the Referenced Plan, you will pay the difference in premium and if you select a plan that costs less than the Referenced Plan you will pay less. You can view the pricing for each plan when you shop your options on DC Health Link on a ‘Monthly’ basis, which will be deducted pre-tax from your pay check on a semi-monthly payroll frequency.

UHC Health Insurance Enrollment Process

Please review the Benefits Summary links for the ‘Referenced Plan’ so you are aware of the benefits offered with this option. You may also view Benefit Summaries, Summary Benefit Comparison’s and compare up to three plans side by side on DC Health Link.

The enrollment process for our health plans is electronic and it is done through the DC Health Link website – the District of Columbia\’s Health Benefit Exchange. Once you are added as a new employee to the system by the HR Department you will receive an automated email from DC Health Link advising you to Register for an Account and enroll, or waive coverage for yourself and any eligible dependents.

Existing employees should review the initial log in process after enrolling or waiving their coverage in order to update your contact information, add/delete family members, etc.

You may also experience a \’Qualified Life Event\’ (QLE) during the plan year, which will allow you to make changes out of the Open Enrollment Period such as add or remove a Dependent, enroll in a new plan or terminate your coverage.

These events are time sensitive and enrollment changes MUST be completed within 30 days of the event and reported to your HR Department as the change may cause payroll deductions to be changed. Please note that adding a dependent to your Family does NOT enroll them in coverage. You must use the process laid out in the publications on the left sidebar to actually enroll a new dependent into your plan.

The process to receive a health ID card has been slow based on having the two systems, DC Health Link and the applicable insurance carrier. Therefore you can register for an account with UHC or CareFirst BC/BS after your enrollment has been received from DC Health Link. After you register you will be able to print a temporary ID card until your permanent card arrives. You may use your Social Security number in place of your Subscriber ID number if you do not know it. If you are registering for a United HealthCare account you will also need the following group number 2W1444.


DC Health Link Referenced Health Plan – United HealthCare Choice Plus POS Platinum 0-3

Benefit Notices

Health Plan Benefit Summary

Prescription Drug Benefit Summary

Summary Benefit Comparison

Certificate of Coverage


My UHC Website

My UHC Guided Video Tour

My UHC Interactive Video (click the Log In button to get started)

Online Provider Directories

UHC Directory for your Plan (Requires Log In)

UHC General Directory (Log In not Required)

Other UHC Resources (Video\’s)

My Health Care Cost Estimator

Health4Me Mobil App

UHC Virtual Visit

How to Print a Temporary ID Card


Carefirst BC/BS

Online Provider Directories

CareFirst BC/BS Provider Directory for the DC Metro Area 

BC/BS National Provider Directory

Prescription Drug Formulary

Other Resources 

Tour My Account (including Mobile access)

Blue Rewards

Video Office Visit

CareFirst First Help (contact a Nurse by phone 24/7)