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There are times when there could be gaps in our health insurance coverage during times of transition. Examples of this may occur between jobs, or there maybe a waiting period before health coverage begins at a new job. In situations like this it is best to have coverage in effect to protect you in the case health coverage is needed. This is exactly what Short Term Health Insurance will do – coverage can be provided on a short term basis for a specific period of time until permanent coverage can be in effect. Short Term health plans have their place and provide a temporary solution, however they are not considered ‘Qualified Health Plans’ as defined by the ACA. Therefore Short Term health plans would not be considered having ‘Qualified Essential Coverage’ in effect under the ACA. Under the ACA individual mandate, you can not have a gap in coverage to exceed 90 days or you could face a penalty, unless a waiver has been submitted and approved. Please review the main Health Insurance page for more information regarding the Individual Mandate penalty for not having a ‘Qualified Health Plan’ in effect. Again Short Term health plans do a good job filling a specific temporary gap in coverage, but should not be relied on as permanent insurance plan.

Please click here or the link at the top of the page to view options for Short Term Health Plans. You may view the available plans, pricing, benefits and apply for coverage all online. Coverage can be in effect as soon as 12:01 AM the day after your application is successfully submitted. Please do not to hesitate to call our office with questions and concerns so that you can find the best Short Term health options for you and your family.