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HR Support has always been a main focus for Kelley Insurance & Financial – even before it became a popular thing to do! We have known for a long time that anyone can sell you a benefit plan however who is going to help you service, support and administer the plans? In an increasingly complex environment with so many government rules and regulations to follow, it is imperative that you Partner with a strong organization that is offering these services and guidance. Without proper support and guidance and with so many rules and regulations to follow – you could be facing possible fines and penalties from Department of Labor (DOL) audits if your organization is found noncompliant. We offer the right tools and services to keep you compliant with the Department of Labor (DOL), ERISA, COBRA, Affordable Care Act (ACA), etc. rules and regulations by Partnering with the right HR Support Solutions! Kelley Insurance & Financial offers an online HR Department to all our clients at no charge through HR 360 – which is supported, maintained and kept current by a team of ERISA and Labor law attorneys. HR 360 has all your HR support needs covered with hiring and firing do\’s & do not\’s, employment file checklists, required notices to employees for ERISA, DOL and ACA compliance, mandatory posters for common worksite areas, Policy and Procedures Manual templates, etc. The site also has many tutorial videos in order to answer your questions and support your HR needs. In addition, we send Monthly Newsletter\’s and Alert\’s with timely information to assist your HR efforts.

There is a gold mine of resources available to you in order to assist your HR Department to run as smoothly as possible, which can avoid a lot of headaches if not done correctly. I have listed several helpful publications in the left toolbar under Quick Links for your review in order to get a feel for the information provided and the support we offer.

Call our office today for a no obligation review of your organizations HR policies and procedures to be sure you are in compliance. We will also enroll you in a Free 30 Day trial of HR 360 with absolutely no obligation! See how our processes and expertise can work for you and your organization.