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Access Interpreting – United HealthCare Medical Insurance

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Health Insurance Plan Information

Access Interpreting offers all health plans available on DC Health Link to its employees and eligible dependents. It is very important to select a plan that will work best for you and your family based on the Providers and Provider Network you need access to. There are HMO, POS, and PPO  health plans available to select from.

You will find coverage that is either regionally-based for the ‘DC Metro area’ or ‘Nationwide’. This will be indicated on each plan when you view your options on DC Health Link.

Before you choose your plan, we recommend:

  • reviewing the Provider Directory links on the left toolbar to confirm that your Provider accepts the plan before enrolling or
  • calling your Provider’s business office and confirm the online information is still accurate.
    • Provider Directory links are also provided on DC Health Link when you view your options.

Please also be advised that the \’Essential\’ and \’Navigate\’ plans offered by United HealthCare have more limited Providers and not all hospitals participate in this plan.

Pricing & Cost Sharing

Access has selected a ‘Referenced Health Plan’ on DC Health Link, which offers ‘Nationwide’ coverage and is the cost basis of the company’s contribution to you and your dependents coverage.

If you choose the Referenced Plan, cost sharing will be:

  • For Employees
    • Access pays 75%, Employee pays 25%
  • For Dependents
    • Access pays 50%, Employee pays 50%

If you choose a plan that is not the Referenced plan:

  • If you select a plan that costs more than the Referenced Plan, you will pay the difference in premium.
  • If you select a plan that costs less than the Referenced Plan you will pay less.

You can view your cost for each plan when you shop your options on DC Health Link on a ‘Monthly’ basis, which will be deducted from your pay check pre-tax on our semi-monthly payroll frequency.

Please review the Benefits Summary links on the left toolbar for the ‘Referenced Plans’ so you are aware of the benefits offered with this option. You may also view Benefit Summaries, Summary Benefit Comparisons, and compare up to three plans side-by-side on DC Health Link.